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Welcome to my CORBA page. On this page you will find a few projects that I am involved in as well as some links to various CORBA resources.


MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation
The acronym MICO expands to MICO Is CORBA. The intention of this project is to provide a freely available and fully compliant implementation of the CORBA standard. MICO has become quite popular as an Open Source project and is widely used for different purposes. As a major milestone, MICO has been branded as CORBA compliant by The Open Group, thus demonstrating that Open Source can indeed produce industrial strength software. Our goal is to keep MICO compliant to the latest CORBA standard. The sources of MICO are placed under the GNU-copyright notice.

COST: CORBA Open Source Test Suite
The COST project aims to establish and maintain a test suite which users and providers of CORBA technology can use to test products against the CORBA specifications, and hence ensure product interoperability and application portability. This test suite will be extended and maintained using an open source process to leverage experience and contributions from many sources. This effort will be successful if users apply the test suite, the overall level of product conformance with specifications improves, and the test suite continues to track the evolution of the CORBA specifications in the long term. The project is intended to complement formal branding programs such as that administered by The Open Group.

CORBA Product Profiles
There are several web pages on the net giving more or less comprehensive overviews of different CORBA implementations. The CORBA Product Profile page seeks to automate the process of maintaining this information. Everyone who is knowledgable about a certain CORBA product can submit a profile online. The features of all submitted profiles are displayed in an easy browsable feature matrix.

Graphical user interface to CORBA's DII
As a spin-off of my Ph.D. thesis we wrote a little graphical user interface to CORBA's Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII). The user interface is based on a knowledge representation technique called Conceptual Graphs (CG) that allows the construction and invocation of a priori unknown operations. To demonstrate this technique, a little Java applet featuring a CG-editor allows access to a bank account object from your browser.

My CORBA Bookmarks

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