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Book Publications

MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation

"MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation"
Arno Puder and Kay Römer
Morgan Kaufmann Publishing, Inc.
195 pages
ISBN: 1-55860-666-1

The book targets developers who use MICO to develop distributed applications based on CORBA. It explains the installation process of MICO as well as the usage of MICO based on several examples. A tutorial walks through a step-by-step procedure that shows how to implement a simple client/server application based on MICO. Later chapters explain implementation-specific details of MICO.

Table of Contents: (1) Introduction, (2) Installation, (3) CORBA Tutorial, (4) MICO Implementation Overview, (5) C++ Language Mapping, (6) Interoperability, (7) Naming Service, (8) Interface Repository, (9) License, (A) Sample Applications, (B) Frequently Asked Questions.

Middleware für verteilte Systeme (in German)

"Middleware für verteilte Systeme" (in German)
Arno Puder and Kay Römer
275 pages
ISBN: 3-932588-03-7

This book discusses the internal architecture of a CORBA-based distribution platform. The design and architecture of a middleware platform are explained from two different point-of-views: that of an application programmer (who uses the middleware) and that of a system programmer (who implements the middleware). MICO is used as a case study to explain the principles of a micro-kernel architecture. This book also serves as a reference manual for the internal details of MICO.

Table of Contents: (1) Einleitung, (2) Grundlagen, (3) Einführung in CORBA, (4) µORB, (5) Design des ORB, (6) Interoperabilität, (7) Objektadapter, (8) Aufrufadapter, (9) IDL-Compiler, (A) Weg eines Operationsaufrufs durch den ORB, (B) Einbindung eines neuen Aufrufadapters, (C) Einbindung eines neuen Objektadapters, (D) Einbindung eines neuen Transportmechanismus, (E) Struktur des generierten Programmkodes, (F) CORBA Standard, (G) Beispielanwendung.

Distributed Systems Architecture: A Middleware Approach

"Distributed Systems Architecture: A Middleware Approach"
Arno Puder, Kay Römer and Frank Pilhofer
Morgan Kaufman
320 pages
ISBN: 1-55860-648-3

This book is a translated, extended and up-to-date version of the German book "Middleware für verteilte Systeme". This book contains new chapters on the Portable Object Adapter (POA), the CORBA Component Model, Web Services as well as Ubiquitous Computing.

Table of Contents: (1) Introduction, (2) Basic Concepts, (3) Introduction to CORBA, (4) µORB, (5) ORB Design, (6) Interoperability, (7) Object Adapters, (8) Invocation Adapters, (9) IDL-Compiler, (10) CORBA and Beyond, (A) MICO Installation, (B) MICO Implementation Overview, (C) MICO Implementation Details, (D) Sample Application. [an error occurred while processing this directive]