Trip to Big Sur, April 2000
Wally, the critter master...
...and his critters.
Picture of the landing zone. The windsock indicates the wind direction for a safe landing.
Mountain top
On top of a 3000 ft. mountain. Everybody is getting ready for launch.
Getting prepared
That's me laying out my glider.
Forward launch
One of the critters doing a forward launch in light winds.
That's me! (the blue one)
Me again
That's me again shortly after take-off against the blue pacific.
Landing zone
Another view of the landing zone. The little blue glider is me!
A little cabin somewhere in the coastal mountains from above.
Landing zone
The landing zone from way above.
California coast
Nice view of the Californian coast. The road is the famous Highway 1.
The sun over the pacific.
Beauty not only in the large but also in the small.